Chautauqua NY Speeding & Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you are ticketed for speeding, red light/stop sign violation, driving with a suspended license, or any other violation of state traffic law, talk to us before doing anything. New York state traffic law is highly complex and an informed decision by experienced counsel can keep you out of further legal trouble and save you hundreds of dollars. Our clients do not have to attend court and receive a resolution to their case within weeks. We offer some of the lowest, most affordable legal fees in the area, saving you hundreds of dollars on your case. We represent clients throughout the state of New York including those with tickets in the Chautauqua Town Court and othe justice courts in Chautauqua County. Call or office, chat with us via Live Support Chat (during limited hours) or send in a request using our "Get Started Now" any hour of the day including weekends.

Attorney Randall Kehoe graduated from Albany Law School in 1989 and has been representing clients throughout New York state for over 20 years. He is one of the area's most prolific attorneys with a broad array of experience in jury trials, out of court settlements & negotiations, real estate closings, marketing, bankruptcy law, divorce law, and more.

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About Chautauqua County, Ny

Chautauqua County is located in the southwestern corner of New York state bordering the state of Pennsylania and Lake Erie (one of the Great Lakes). Major highways passing through this area include Interstates I-86 and I-90, U.S. Routes 20 and 62, and New York State Routes 17, 5, 39, 60, 394, and 430 - plenty of places to get pulled over. Note that drivers from visiting states and Canada are still susceptible to the state Driver Responsibility assessment fee imposed on motorists who accumulate 6 points or more within 18 months in New York state. Chautauqua County encompasses several local justice courts:

Arkwright Town Court, Brocton Village Court, Busti Town Court, Carroll Town Court, Charlotte Town Court, Chautauqua Town Court, Cherry Creek Town Court, Clymer Town Court, Dunkirk City Court, Dunkirk Town Court, Ellery Town Court, Ellicott Town Court, Ellington Town Court, Fredonia Village Court, French Creek Town Court, Gerry Town Court, Hanover Town Court, Harmony Town Court, Jamestown City Court, Kiantone Town Court, Mina Town Court, North Harmony Town Court, Poland Town Court, Pomfret Town Court, Ripley Town Court, Sheridan Town Court, Sherman Town Court, Silver Creek Village Court, Stockton Town Court, Villenova Town Court, Westfield Town Court, Westfield Village Court.

Each of these justice courts has power to issue fines that vary within certain parameters set by state law. Many out-of-state drivers will look for a fine amount on their New York ticket. However, in Chautauqua and othe New York counties, no fine is issued until the case is resolved - either by trial, plea bargain, or default judgment. Instead, you are required to answer the ticket by returning it to the court with a plea of "Guilty" or "Not Guilty". Make sure you have a comfortable understanding of all possible penalties and the DMV Points system before entering a plea. If you would like to consult with an experienced Chautauqua ticket lawyer regarding your case, call our office or send us a message online. Your plea must be accepted by the court by the date indicated on the bottom of your ticket. Failure to answer will eventually result in the suspension of your driving privileges in New York state and other possible legal complications.